Who we are

When we first established Lime, we knew we had to start from a blank piece of paper. We wanted to strip away all of the preconceived notions about how insurers are supposed to act and how insurance is supposed to be sold. Simply put, we wanted to completely refresh the insurance lifecycle.

Our Team

Shaun Williams

Group CEO & Managing Director

Shaun has lived and breathed the life insurance business since he was introduced to the Financial services industry more than 30 years ago

With a particular interest in ‘needs analysis’ – speaking to people about their needs and marrying them up with the right insurance products, Shaun saw the importance of addressing the fact that 95 per cent of people aren't either insured or properly insured because they do not understand it.

Shaun put together a group of like-minded leaders from across various sectors in Australia, and together with a blank sheet of paper on what was right and wrong with the current Life insurance business, Lime was born - a completely different advice model for life and Health insurance.


Considerable experience with Westpac, AMP, Colonial Mutual, and Aviva/Navigator, where he was General Manager Distribution for Aviva responsible for Life Insurance, Corporate Superannuation, Navigator Platform and Fund Management.

Charlie Carrick

Head of Global Markets

Charlie has been involved in employee benefits technology since its inception. Following the successful launch of the first benefits platform in the UK, he moved to a global consultancy to do it all again. With that technology now rolling out across the world, he started working directly with consultancies, clients and providers on their propositions for the ever-changing pensions and benefits landscape. Then Charlie met Shaun, Lime’s Group CEO, and realised that the future of protection products was about to change, and he had another chance to be at the forefront of a revolution.


Over 25 years' working in the financial services sector gives Charlie the background and understanding to help Lime spread its message of change to the market.
Specialising in the consultancy and implementation of benefits technology across the globe, Charlie offers experience and foresight for all types of clients.
Having worked across providers (NPI, Britannia) and consultancies (Swire, Orbit, JLT), he understands the issues from all perspectives, and will help clients to navigate through the complexities of change.

Nick Henderson

Head of Business Strategy

Nick has worked in the retail financial services sector for the past 21 years. Most recently, Nick was a partner in the advisory business of KPMG LLP, supporting Insurance and retail banking organisations with a variety of regulatory driven change projects.


A large element of his role at KPMG was assisting clients develop their product and distribution strategies to meet the needs of customers and demands of a changing regulatory environment in the UK and across the globe. Whilst at KPMG, Nick supported Lime with their application for FCA authorisation which led to him joining the Lime team.

Dr Marigo Raftopoulos

Head of Customer Experience

Before joining the Lime team, Marigo was a global consultant, speaker and published researcher in the field of enterprise innovation and gamification. Marigo’s specialty is on reinventing customer experience through the use of engaging digital interfaces, using metaphor, narrative and gamification. Her innovative strategies and designs have helped organisations gain a competitive edge in markets that are experiencing disruption and digital transformation.


Over 20 years’ experience in strategy and innovation in global management consultancy practices across a wide range of industries.
Doctoral researcher and designer in human-computer interaction and gamification for developing visual and intuitive customer interfaces for marketing, sales, communication, learning and knowledge sharing.
Strategy, systems and process design to enhance customer experience that meet strategic business objectives. Organisations that Marigo has worked with include KPMG and TAL.

Michael Brown

Head of Group Compliance and Global Risk

Nearly 50 years’ experience in a UK regulated environment, focused on financial services and retail general insurance activities, including the Lloyd’s markets.


An Approved Person with the UK regulator and all of its predecessors, and currently performing that role across a number of businesses.
Previously a senior director of a top five financial services PLC Group and its head of Risk and Compliance across the UK and, in relation to financial services, globally.
ŸŸMichael is a respected leader in developing “new world” propositions for insurers and employees of major employers.

John Andrews

Head of Commercial

Over 55 years’ working in the ICT sector gives John the knowledge to assist Lime and its business partners to work together in a complex regulated business.


CEO of two smaller companies, Head of Sales, Marketing and Lobbying to the European Institutions for ICL, and Commercial Director of a major Oracle Corporation subsidiary, led John to become an advisor to smaller and start-up ICT companies on well-structured commercial policies and practices. John offers complementary skills to the principal leaders of Lime.