The senior management team at Lime has worked together over the last four years, from initial software and systems development conducted in Australia where Shaun Williams, Founder, was formerly Head of Distribution for Aviva Australia, to bringing its first products to market in the UK today.

The team shares a single commitment; to bring needed insurance to the widest possible audience, to delivering outstanding, simple and relevant products backed by world class customer service.

For them technology is an enabler, never a goal in its own right.

Shaun Williams
CEO and Founder


Shaun has lived and breathed the life insurance business for more than 30 years. With a particular interest in ‘needs analysis’ – speaking to people about their needs and marrying them up with the right insurance products, Shaun saw the importance of addressing the fact that well over 50% per cent of people aren't either insured or properly insured.

Shaun put together a group of like-minded leaders from across various sectors, and together with a blank sheet of paper on what was right and wrong with the current Life insurance business, Lime was born - a completely different model for Life and Health insurance.

His career has included stints with Westpac, AMP, Colonial Mutual, and Aviva/Navigator as General Manager Distribution for Aviva responsible for Life Insurance, Corporate Superannuation, Navigator Platform and Fund Management.

Charlie Carrick
Head of Global Markets


Charlie has been involved in employee benefits technology since its inception. Following the successful launch of the first benefits platform in the UK, he moved to a global consultancy to do it all again.

With that technology now rolling out across the world, he started working directly with consultancies, clients and providers on their propositions for the ever-changing pensions and benefits landscape. Then Charlie met Shaun and realised that the future of protection products was about to change, and he had another chance to be at the forefront of a revolution.

Having worked across providers including NPI and Britannia and consultancies including Swire, Orbit and JLT, Charlie understands the issues and complexities of change.

Michael Brown
Head of Global Risk & Compliance


Michael is a respected leader in developing “new world” propositions for insurers and employees of major employers. He brings significant experience in the UK regulated environment, focused on financial services and retail general insurance activities, including the Lloyd’s markets. Previously a senior director of a top five financial services PLC Group (JLT) and its head of Risk and Compliance across the UK and, in relation to financial services, globally.

Michael is an Approved Person with the UK regulator and all of its predecessors, and currently performs that role for a number of businesses.

Anita Williams
Head of UK Risk & Compliance


Anita has worked in risk and compliance within the UK financial services sector for over 20 years, more recently specialising in delivering financial services and retail general insurance products through digital technology.

Prior to joining Lime in 2016, where she is responsible for risk, compliance and financial crime, Anita worked within risk and compliance for a number of leading financial services firms including Orbit and JLT. She gained considerable experience through these roles in developing and delivering a series of successful pensions and benefits platforms in the UK, expertise which has been invaluable for Lime.

Stephen Law
Head of Technology


Stephen has more than 14 years’ experience in web development and software architecture across a range of industries including financial services, technology and retail.

After a successful career as a software developer and architect, Stephen made the switch to consultancy allowing him to offer his extensive knowledge and experience on a client by client basis. Most recently Stephen has been focusing on cloud based solutions, helping businesses to reduce costs and scale their infrastructure based on demand.

Stephen has a proven track record of delivering agile and practical solutions for clients such as HBOS, Perivan and Optical Express.