Product Partner Profiles

We are pleased to be working with many of the leaders in the Insurance industry, forward looking companies who recognise that they can be part of the change process.    

For each product area we will work with the company who delivers a marriage of expertise and flexibility, being prepared to re-evaluate how the service is packaged and sold to re-align it with the customer need.  

Our first product Accidental Death Cover is, as a result, available at a very significant discount to the typical market pricing – because we have stripped out the extras to refocus on its original purpose.  To illustrate we are offering £100,000 of cover for £2.30pm for a 37 year old customer.


That product has been developed with, and is being underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s, Vibe Syndicate Management Limited.

Helping Development, Enabling Delivery. Our Partners.

We are building a strong family of organisations that work with, and truly understand, our target audience.  Each of these organisations will help us to develop the optimal products for their customers and then take them to market. We recognise that traditional channels for the industry have yet to work, as evidenced by the 16 million underinsured adults, so we are working to open up new ways to create that dialogue.

Enabling us to reach the teaching profession across the UK, TES has provided trusted news and insight for over 100 years and is the number one resources solution for the profession receiving some 2.1 million global site visits on a weekly basis*.

Much like Lime, Capita is on a mission to support and improve the lives of people at every stage of their life.
Capita supports some 35 million people every day and our partnership with them enables us to reach a broad audience across both the public and private sectors**.

Fizz Benefits are leading the way at providing a range of comprehensive benefits to employees, members or customers at a low cost; offering over 1200 retail discounts covering approximately 98% of all online spend in the UK***.

We believe in the cultivation of healthy habits to better your personal, mental and physical health and Wrkit offers a one stop shop to inspire positive working environments. With over 200,000  registered to wrkit, Lime reaches multiple workplaces looking to improve their working culture****.

We are proud of this growing network and will be working with more partners over time. We are also reaching out to charities who can provide insight at the same time as benefit from funding to provide preventative advice and support. We believe that through true engagement, and positive development cycles, we can make a real change to people’s wellbeing and their sense of security.


* **  *** ****