Lime is a FinTech Company, and we believe that we have pioneered the world’s most efficient technology platform for the life insurance industry.

And it doesn’t stop there – the same methodology is now being used for other insurance products, from health to a variety of protection solutions, Lime can revolutionise the way financial products are bought and sold across the globe.

We are...

  • Customer-centric

    Consideration for the customer – not the product. We use leading edge customer experience and gamification principles to create new and heightened levels of customer engagement with insurance products.

  • Scale through automation

    If the process can be reliably automated, then Lime will do so. From policy issue to lapse, there is no need for manual intervention.

    Scale through automation
  • Systemise best practice

    Lime does not carry the burden of legacy mindsets, processes or systems. At every phase, the platform has embedded best practice into the delivery of insurance.

    Systemise best practice
  • Ability for DIY insurance

    Lime provides the ability for a full online service delivery, and its easy-to-use interface allows users to buy insurance online without “middle-man” intrusion.

    Ability for DIY insurance
  • Global on any device

    Lime is a 100% online digital solution, which is multi-language and multi-currency and designed to work on mobiles, tablets and PCs.

    Global on any device
  • Low cost distribution

    For a fraction of the cost that insurance companies currently pay, Lime provides a solution for all intermediary costs, sales and operations.

    Low cost distribution
  • Real-time analytics

    Lime provides new and unprecedented levels of on-demand information for insurance and distributor companies.

    Real-time analytics
  • Enables new distributors to enter market

    Enables the sale of insurance through non-traditional channels with large databases. These channels can now sell insurance without the need to meet training and compliance standards internally, as these are embedded in Lime’s systems and cannot be compromised.

    Enables new distributors to enter market

The fact that technology and innovation have created a new world of opportunity for individuals, businesses and society is obvious. Only slightly less obvious is that the future will be shaped by those who are innovating today. For the insurance sector, this is not just a fact, it’s an imperative.

KPMG Global – Innovation in Insurance report, September 2015

Many see us as an upstart; a potential disruptor to the sector. And that is somewhat true. But it’s not Lime that you will be competing against. Instead, it will most likely be your traditional competitors using a Lime platform.

Shaun Williams - Group CEO

Life insurance reimagined

Life insurance reimagined

When we first established Lime, we knew we had to start from a blank piece of paper.

We wanted to strip away all of the preconceived notions about how life insurers are supposed to act and how life insurance is supposed to be sold.
Simply put, we wanted to completely reimagine the insurance life-cycle.

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Agnostic delivery

Agnostic delivery

Lime has no competitors among insurance companies, reinsurers or distributor groups. In fact, each can be seen as a potential partner or client.

Lime can be skinned, white-labeled and integrated to any provider, and can compliantly enable both new and existing distribution channels, such as intermediaries, direct, large membership groups and employees, in any country and in any language.

Our vision

To be the globally accepted technology solution for the life insurance industry

Our mission

To recreate life insurance so that it works for everyone

Our objective

To sell a life insurance platform that delivers Best Practice globally

Life insurance reimagined Our timeline


The Business Plan

Started with a blank sheet of paper setting out to reimagine the sale of life insurance

March 2013

First policy sold

Lime sells its first life insurance policy online

Nov 2014

Test and deploy

After 18 months of testing, and with 64 improvements, Lime goes to market

June 2015

Country licences agreed

Lime signs licence agreements with major distributors in China and the Philippines

Sept 2015

London bound

Lime moves its HQ to London, home of insurance and FinTech

Nov 2015

Best Doctors come on board

Collaboration and partner agreement for global delivery signed with Best Doctors

April 2016

UK distribution deal

Lime signs its first UK deal with a significant UK distribution business