Lime will soon be launching in the UK with some very special partners, customers will then be able to say 'hello' to insurance where they hand-pick only the bits needed to protect themselves and their family's future in a unique, understandable and affordable way.

We know that over time, circumstances change, families grow and branch out in different directions; which is why we will carefully choose policies from leading insurance companies, then make them totally flexible and that can be changed and amended according to customers changing circumstances.

We are...

  • Customer is our number '1'

    Consideration is for the customer 1st and not the product. We use leading edge customer experience and gamification principles to create new and heightened levels of customer engagement with insurance products.

    Customer is our number '1'
  • Efficiency through automation

    If the process can be reliably automated, then Lime has done so. From policy issue to lapse, there is no need for manual intervention.

    Efficiency through automation
  • Systemised best practice

    Lime does not carry the burden of legacy mindsets, processes or systems. At every phase, the platform has embedded best practice into the delivery of insurance.

    Systemised best practice
  • DIY insurance

    Lime provides the ability for a full online service delivery, and its easy-to-use interface allows customers to purchase insurance online without “middle-man” intrusion.

    DIY insurance
  • Global on any device

    Lime is a 100% online digital solution, which is multi-language and multi-currency and designed to work on mobiles, tablets and PCs.

    Global on any device
  • More affordable

    By refreshing very part of the insurance food chain, much wastage and inefficiency has been removed making very good and valuable insurance products more affordable.

    More affordable
  • Real-time analytics

    Lime has developed new and unprecedented levels of on-demand information ensuring fast and informed improvements end-to-end.

    Real-time analytics
  • Enables new Partners to enter market

    Enables the sale of insurance through non-traditional channels with large databases. Parners can now offer insurance to their member / support base without the need to meet training and compliance standards internally, as these are embedded in Lime’s systems and cannot be compromised.

    Enables new Partners to enter market

The fact that technology and innovation have created a new world of opportunity for individuals, businesses and society is obvious. Only slightly less obvious is that the future will be shaped by those who are innovating today. For the insurance sector, this is not just a fact, it’s an imperative.

KPMG Global – Innovation in Insurance report, September 2015

Lime has completely refreshed insurance and stripped out the enormous costs so it’s instant, 100% online and hassle-free. Since then we’ve been working on how to get more flexible, affordable products to our customers. Finally, we’ve done just that and it’s about to get exciting.

Shaun Williams - Group CEO

Our vision

To change insurance, to the benefit of all

Our mission

To give our customers the tools to let them create the insurance they need for them, and for their loved ones.

Our objective

We never rest in our search to refresh Insurance.

Life insurance reimagined Our timeline


Commencement of Business plan

Commencing with much experience and a blank sheet of paper, Lime's original hypothesis was documented and built.

Nov 2014

Proof of concept completed in Australia

Over 1000 changes and improvements made. Ready for next phase.

Sept 2015

Migrate Business to UK

Head office moved to the UK. Lime's Global core platform build commenced.

April 2017

FCA Approval received

With FCA approval, plans for UK launch then able to be finalised

July 2017

Global Platform build completed

Lime's core platform completed and ready to be launched in the UK with a number of special partners.

Coming soon!

UK Launch

Lime will commence its operations through partners during the 1st half of 2018