Our Mission to Enfranchise

Nearly half of all UK adults, some 16 million people, have too little - or no - insurance.  All of these people who have things to protect; their families, their health and their homes.  And this pattern is common around the world.

 Without doubt this is a failing of the industry. So, at Lime, we are building a business that will enfranchise those people by providing easy to access, flexible, relevant and streamlined cover at an affordable price.  And we are proud of the many partners our approach is bringing on board.

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Powerful Technology, Fresh Perspectives

Lime believes in the value of InsurTech as the means to deliver the ease of supply, ease of access and cost based efficiencies needed to extend audiences and redefine perceptions of the insurance market.

Free from legacy systems and legacy thinking and embracing a customer first mantra, our approach has attracted a diverse senior management team. Reaching far from the traditional financial services space the team incorporates experts in gamification and beyond alongside delivery partners from the financial sector, human resources space, affinity groups and community markets.

Our business is distributed through a scaleable, cloud-based development and delivery ecosystem.

Redefining the Insurance Product Portfolio

We are working with our partners to develop, from the ground up, a raft of radically re-engineered products and services - and a whole new way for customers to manage services.

 We believe we are unique in building a story around our product portfolio, a story that sees products that mirror the lives, interests and passions of our customers.  We call our portfolio Modern Living and it will span from Physio Care to Mental Health Cover, and from GP Services for mobile workers to Cancer Cover.

 We are focused, tailored and always relevant.  


Customer first. Always.

Our digital assistant, Emma, helps customers to evaluate their personal need and to understand the real-world financial exposure that illness or accidents might expose them to. Then we offer the products.  Stripped down and streamlined, each is highly relevant to our consumers’ needs and concerns and has been developed working with our customer-facing delivery partners. Finally, we enable the customer to hand-pick the type of cover they want and the amount of cover they need. The result is both security and peace of mind.

Lime insurance - peace of mind.png

Cancer Cover

Cancer impacts 1 in every 2 of us* at some time in our lifetimes. We all know that a little help goes a long way.

Cancer Essentials is designed to work with the NHS to give you added protection; access to cancer drugs, specialist support and guidance and cash to help cover some of the costs of being ill.


Accidental Death Cover

We don’t like to think about the worst, but accidents kill more than 21,000 people every year in England and Wales*.

Our cover is Lime fresh and really simple. Customers set the amount of cover, pay monthly as they need it, and if they die in an accident we pay-out. Quickly. Providing the protection needed for partners and family or to ensure no debts are left behind.

Our accidental death policy doesn’t require a medical, so personal health and lifestyle don’t affect the cost. And customers are covered from the moment the payment details are confirmed.

Working in Partnership

Lime works on development and delivery with trusted insurers including Aviva and Vibe Syndicate Management, alongside workplace partners. These partners, including TES and Capita, directly engage an audience of many millions and enable us to gain real insight into their members’ needs. 

 We are always seeking to grow our partner base developing the relationships that ensure we are in tune with the needs of real people in a fast changing market, not reacting to it.  

Working at Lime Global

Forward thinking, dynamic and keen to action change?  Come and join us and be part of our success.

*Source: ONS: Death Registry Summary Tables 2018